Back-End Developer

Back-End Developer
We have an experienced and passionate team. The new member in the Front-End Developer position will join our experienced team, contributing to our projects and becoming a part of our agency's success story.

Ad Publish Date: Jun 23, 2023

Total Applications: 24

What we Expect?
At least an associate degree from the relevant departments of universities,
At least 2 years of experience in PHP Programming language,
Have good knowledge of MySQL,
Knowledgeable about JS, JQuery and AJAX technologies,
Knowledge of object-oriented programming,
Knowledge of at least one of the PHP Frameworks (Preferably Laravel),
JSON, XML, SOAP etc. Knowledgeable or open to learning about developing technologies and RESTful web services,
Fluent in English to understand technical documents.
What we Offer?
Cutting-Edge Projects: Join our team to work on cutting-edge projects in various industries, allowing you to expand your knowledge and expertise.

Professional Growth: We foster a culture of continuous learning. Take advantage of workshops, training sessions, and conferences to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Collaborative Environment: Be a part of a collaborative and innovative work environment where you can exchange ideas with a diverse team of professionals.

Career Advancement: We value internal talent and provide opportunities for career advancement. Your growth path is important to us.

Flexibility: Enjoy flexible work arrangements that promote a healthy work-life balance, including remote work options when applicable.

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